Wings for Life World Run

Ahmedabad, Gujarat
8th May, 2016

Audacious pursuits set in the most challenging environments that's what Uphill EMG is all about.

We started our journey in 2013 as the Adventure and Endurance Sports Division of Brand Aid Pvt. Ltd. with a simple thought process - to break away from the stereotypes and venture into the wild where the real challenge awaits. That's why, we have established ourselves as something more than a mere sporting events company. We are a group of avid runners, cyclists, seasoned athletes along with event and media professionals dedicated to pushing human potential. Our events bring the rustic spirit of adventure and deliver the thrill and excitement that every athlete yearns for.

We believe in creating our own roads, and with it our own identity. Our world-class sporting events are just a glimpse of the level of excellence and challenges we are capable of bringing. From adventure racing, urban treads, trail running, cycling, mountain biking, open water swimming to triathlons and endurance sports, we have honed our skills in organizing diverse activities that will test your limits and bring you up close and personal with what it is like to truly Play the Higher Sport.