Wings for Life World Run

Ahmedabad, Gujarat
8th May, 2016

Edition 4
19th to 21st January, 2018

The Impossible Race, MTB Polo is a three day stage race covering 151kms of unchartered trails and forests. Each day will be a 50 kilometers of grinding and shredding. Do not worry, we will have hydration and refreshment points on the way with a half an hour lunch break in each stage. Riders will be shuttled with their bikes from Ahmedabad to Polo and back.

Be prepared for surprises as the terrain in Polo is diverse and challenging all the while being gnarly and worth it. The sights will take your breath away and the riding will definitely get you stoked.

The race will take you through dense forests, fields, narrow ridges, rocky descents, tarmac and hike sections. The terrain is mostly dry, scattered with rocks, roots and boulders. The riverbed sections will have loose gravel and sand in some areas. The trails will mostly be dotted with rocks jutting out, roots trying to flip you over and even loose rock and off camber sections where your wheels could slide.