Wings for Life World Run

Ahmedabad, Gujarat
8th May, 2016

Edition 5
2nd to 5th February, 2018

To those who say white is the color of tranquility and peace, come and tread a chunk of the Great White Rann of Kutch - 2900 square miles of salty nothingness as far as the eyes can see. For over 3 days, runners from across the world will circle the ruins of Dholavira, a historic city in the island of Khadir Bet and home to one of the largest, grandest and most advanced metropolises in the world.

They will explore the island and tread its most secluded spaces. They will ascend awkward climbs, descend sharp slopes and run on flats that will seriously test their sense of direction, while they fight the strong temptation to quit. With every dangerous surprise that this white desert terrain has to offer, we are sure that by the end of it all, the sheer feeling of having run amidst history will never let you forget this race.