Wings for Life World Run

Ahmedabad, Gujarat
8th May, 2016

Edition 3
8th October, 2017

Vadodara Ultra is a race enriched with the heritage of three most historically significant destinations of Guajrat - Vadodara (aka Baroda), Champaner and Pavagadh with a terrain that is a gruesome mix of hilly trails, rocky flats, and a landscape filled with lush, thorny foliage. But that's not it! Remember, there is just minimal tarmac running here.

Runners will mostly tread dirt roads made naturally by local people or animals. In the end, it will be about pushing your limits here at Vadodara Ultra and overtaking your fears of the slopes and the steeps. Whether Vadodara Ultra is your first ultra or you want to conclude the race with a timing record, this terrain fits perfectly into your description of a challenging race ground - one that your quad muscles will probably remember this race for a long time.