Wings for Life World Run

Ahmedabad, Gujarat
8th May, 2016

Edition 4
Dates to be announced soon

Uttarayan, or the kite festival is a uniquely Gujarati experience where the skies get dotted with colourful kites. It is a battle of kites of all shapes and sizes, where kite flying enthusiasts are warriors and the sky is their battlefield. Armed with kites and a thread, they try to eliminate competition by cutting their strings and bringing down their kites through a 'pench'. Red Bull Kite Fight celebrates Gujarat's most loved festival in the last-man-standing competition format.

Each participant is given specific number kites and he will have to survive till the very end to make sure his is the only kite in the sky amongst the competitors at the end of the day. It takes grit and tenacity along with warzone like strategic planning to assert your authority over the skies. The recently concluded Red Bull Kite Fight took place in three cities, Surat, Vadodara and Ahmedabad where top three winners from each city fought the finals to get the title of Red Bull Kite Fight Champion.